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A request was made on how to increase the height of the name field only.  Challenge accepted.

CSS used to increase the height of the name input only:

.your-name > .wpcf7-form-control.wpcf7-text.wpcf7-validates-as-required {
 height: 125px;

[contact-form-7 id=”1545″ title=”Contact form 1″]


A Plugin Review – Divi Toolbox

Divi Toolbox is a Divi plugin that offers lots of features and saves lots of time, without touching a line of code. Intuitively designed and smartly coded, Orange Pulley highly recommends this plugin.

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Types of Tech People Who Comment on Facebook

I like Facebook.  I've always liked it.  Other than Jesus, I can't think of another thing that has done so much for getting people happily connected and living life together while at the same time pissing off millions of people for simply existing. Friends become...

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Native Texas, Logan Seth Ramirez is a computer science graduate from Trinity University and lives in San Antonio with his wife and four children. Along with being a web hero, he authored The Groom Wore White Socks, sings and songwrites as Logan Seth, and his favorite Spanish word is cacahuates.