About Orange Pulley

Orange Pulley, LLC was founded by Trinity University Computer Science graduate Logan Ramirez whos also boasts the following mighty fine accolades (in no particular order):

  • Has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Trinity U)
  • Spoke at college graduation (peer voted to represent the class)
  • Is from San Antonio, Texas
  • Was an All-American defensive back in college (football)
  • Has grandparents (dad’s mom & dad) from Mexico
  • Is married to a super hero farm girl Minnesota woman
  • Has fo’ kids (fo’ is one less than fi’ or one more than t’ree)
  • Was voted best smile of his high school graduating class
  • Used to sings and write music under logansethmusic (can still find him on iTunes or Spotify or anywhere…but no website anymore…)
  • Co-Authored a really funny wedding book
  • Is really good at automating things