The Orange Pulley Story

One Step at a Time

Orange Pulley, LLC

Orange Pulley, LLC
January 1

Joined Elegant Themes

The start of doing any of this web stuff really began with my personal interest in building WordPress websites and nothing propelled that forward like becoming an Elegant Themes member. Here is an affiliate link:
November 25

First Major Site Build

Building Logan Seth Music was a personal voyage into seeing what I could do and promoting my music. It opened a new door of things to come.
June 1

Orange Pulley Founded

The very beginning…
March 25

Backup Buddy Mad Man

I am a big fan of iThemes BackupBuddy. I pretty much live/die by it in my deployments. Here is an affiliate link if you are interested:
April 25

iThemes Security Pro

I (almost) exclusively use iThemes Security Pro for WordPress security. It’s awesome and highly recommended.
July 25

Soliloquy Slider

Since 2.4 the slider module has improved tremendously, but I still find if I’m going to use sliders at all then I use Soliloquy. It’s solid.
August 12


Another major milestone / tool in site development was signing up with WPMUDEV.  Yes, it’s pricey, but a huge learning resource and their toolset is pretty solid.
October 25

WP Rocket

I tried lots and lots of caching frameworks, but just got tired of using ‘free’ plugins…so I now deploy WP Rocket on all my sites.
November 25

Bolt Themes Buyer

A Fosker Media division, Bolt Themes, makes some useful Divi additions which I use for my builds.  While they are clearly targeting the ‘new-to-Divi-and-website-building’ market, I bought (and use!) the Divi Section Style Manager because it saves me time!  


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