Beautiful Reese Child Theme Effect

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If you are looking for gorgeous child themes to bolt on to your Divi environment, you should absolutely check out the Elegant Marketplace. I recently saw this one, Reese, posted and was enamored by it for sure.

One of the immediate effects is a ‘double box’ effect which cleverly uses border and background transparency. Well done, A Girl and Her Mac. Well done.

Anyway, here the effect I am referring to:

Reese | Divi Child Theme

Reese | Divi Child Theme

So how is it done?

  1. Set the background color of the divi section to transparent
  2. Set the background color of the divi row to be white (#fff) with something like an 80% opacity
  3. Add a CTA
  4. Add a custom css class to the CTA module
  5. Add something like the following to the custom class
    box-shadow: 0 0 0 10px rgba(235,234,230,0.4);
    max-width: 700px;

If you need more than that to style the rest, do yourself a favor and contact Leslie at A Girl and Her Mac.  Or maybe just consider buying Reese.

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