Have I mentioned how much I like Elegant Themes?  Like many I subscribed several years ago to get access to ~80 themes for (then) $39/yr.  A brilliant marketing strategy.  I purchased for my own site development with 0 interest in building websites.  While I am capable of building a site from the ground up, there are just so many amazing folks out there doing that, it wasn’t even close to something I had serious time enough to do.

When Divi came along, however, it enabled something previously unreachable to me, to many.  The ability to create something custom without having to invest countless hours in the build process, freeing up time to focus on content and story telling, and for Orange Pulley, birthing a business that can focus on helping people at a reasonable cost.

In other words, it’s enabled me to sell VERY GOOD web design services for substantially less money; because it requires less time.  Hear me on this.  I site that costs $THOUSANDS is going to be AWESOME (or, at least, BETTER BE AWESOME) and 100% unique and costs that because it required serious man hours to get everything right and IS (PROBABLY) WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT!  That is, the PRICE of the website MATCHES (close to) the HOURS invested – or at least, IT SHOULD!

However, my sites costs $HUNDREDS (and often in the LOW hundreds) and are still (if I may say so) AWESOME (though not going to be AS AWESOME as someone who builds the theme from the ground up) and WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT!  That is, the PRICE of the website MATCHES (close to) the HOURS invested – or at least IT SHOULD!

But the difference in savings is substantial.  It’s my belief that a small business owner (or ‘getting ready to launch’ business owner) understands the value proposition of getting an 8 (out of 10) for $500 versus getting a 10 (out of 10) for $15000 and as a small business owner, I understand the value of my time.  Am I priced to low?  Maybe.  Admittedly, some of these sites draw on for a long time, but the more I do, the better I get, the faster I am, the less I can charge (because I do them faster).

They day may come for that $15000 job, but then again, if ET keeps cranking out solutions like Divi, maybe someday I can deliver a 10 for $500.

Moving on…ok, so the other reason I love ET is that it didn’t take long to find a solution to the mobile problem in part 3.  I forgot what exactly I was searching for, but I came across an ET Support post that had this:

@media only screen and ( max-width: 767px ) { do something }

and i remember reading this Elegant Themes article about creating responsive themes and I knew (or believed) the solution would have something to do with ‘screen width’ and so I tried this :

@media only screen and ( max-width: 767px ) {
.orange_background {
 background: rgb(221,153,51);
 background: rgba(221,153,51, 1.0);
.op_fullwidth h1 {
 letter-spacing: 1.0px;
 font-size: 200% !important;
 font-weight: normal;

and wouldn’t you know it!

  • The background switched to 100 opacity (not transparent)
  • The h1 element scaled ‘down’ from the fixed pixel width (and is using the 200% em value above)

Step 12


Still a long way to go, but that mobile conversion problem took me about 30 minutes to figure out…thought it was going to take DAYS!!

Total time so far in this challenge (excluding this write up) is about 2.5 hours.

That ain’t bad Jack.

I think I may tackle the top menu spacing next.  Font, too.