Aside from the various native Google Fonts in Divi, Elegant Themes has an excellent write up on adding them manually.

It does not, however, cover adding custom fonts to Divi using a Child Theme (technically, this has nothing to do with Divi) so I thought I’d write it up…though, really, I’m just stripping out the method I used from this article.

Here we go:

  1. Create folder in child theme: Divi-Child/fonts
  2. Upload your font to this directory (the one I am using is two turtle doves)
  3. edit Divi-Child/styles.css
  4. add something like this after your @imports
    @font-face {
     font-family: Doves;
     src: url('fonts/doves.ttf');
  5. you can now use this with
  6. font-family: Doves, Lato;
  7. However, I like to create my own style which I can apply to various Divi sections:
    .doves h2 {
     font-family: Doves, Lato;
  8. So then I can use this in various text modules I manually place h2 tags in with the class ‘doves’

For example, in Divi, add a text module and put some H2 text in it:



then apply the ‘doves’ class to it:


save and update the page.

your site should now show this: