Read this today from my favorite source of WordPress information, Elegant Themes.  It was interesting enough, to me, that I felt it needed to be saved and shared here…

The idea of ‘conversions’ is, indeed, THE central reason we build a web presence to begin with so it follows that the better we are at it, the better our business, the better everything else…

The gist?

Fundamental Design Concepts:

  • A contrasting, but pleasant color scheme (2-4 colors are generally enough)
  • A leading question or thought
  • Calls to action that stand out

Formulaic and simple.  Check.

What is a Landing Page?

  • As a Lead Generation page, or
  • A Click-Through page

Which follows the same (3) principles above +

  • Bold Heading and Subheading that relate to your product or service
  • Pictures or video since they convert better then just words on the page
  • A Contact Form (best for Lead Generation pages)
  • Directional cues to promote a specific action

To really do the job right, these are also must haves:

  • Google Analytics
  • Heat Map
  • A/B Testing