Divi Specialist.

Divi, by Elegant Themes,  is a pretty powerful WordPress theme that Elegant Themes brands as “the WordPress theme that’s changing everything.”  And, well, in my very modest opinion, I agree. 

So what is Divi and how does it work?  It may be easiest ot watch their fun official video:

So why do I use it?

Primarily because it makes building websites in WordPress simple, fun, fast and professional.  I build almost all of my sites on Divi (which is why I call myself a Divi specialist) and because the platform is so popular, there is a really strong community behind it and, to me, that matters.  In fact, as good as their support is (and I can personally attest that it’s pretty good), the community may be even better.

As part of that community, I’ve put together quite a few YouTube videos on Divi covering a broad range of topics and I’ve posted quite a few blogs posts about it, too, so if you’re a tech geek looking for Divi support, check those out.

If you’re thinking about buying Divi, you can do so with my simple affiliate link.

Or not.  There is, of course, always that option.

Either way, go on and build beautiful.