There are a few small tweaks I wish Elegant Themes would build into Divi…things that many good people have built many good after-market community plugins to fix.  This is one of those things.  When using the native contact module, the input field always cuts off large numbers.  And by large, I mean two digit number.  You know, Yuuuuge numbers.

Like this:

How to Incease the Size of the Captcha Answer Field in Divi

Do you see it?  The 1 is slightly cut off.  Or, the 2 will be.

Basically, two digits do not fit!
AGH!!!!  What!?

Anyway, super easy fix (code below the video):

And the code:

.et_pb_contact_right p input {
 max-width: 60px;

Go on now.  Build Beautiful out there, ya’ll.