I’ve recently seen Udemy everywhere.  Just “randomly” in all the advertising on my webviews, Facebook, etc.  In general, I’m a fan, though I have not paid for any  courses at this time.

Recently I was introduced to this massive consolidated resource on their free blog site and thought it worth posting:


Overall, super solid beginner read with clear text and useful how-to images.  I agree with almost all of it and while I personall think ‘themes‘ are a thing of the past with builder frameworks like Divi, big props to Udemy for pointing out that

Elegant Themes are a huge favorite. They pioneered the “Theme Club” model, where you can gain access to all their themes for a one-off price

All in all, a very comprehensive beginner tutorial I believe anyone new to WordPress should read top to to bottom.

** For clarity, I am not a Udemy affiliate (not even sure they have those); I am, however, an Elegant Themes one.