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Divi 3.0 Fonts 1 – 200

Divi come with lots of fonts, but no easy way to view them all. This page displays fonts 1 - 200 (out of more than 600!) of these fonts for easy access/view when going into a project. GEORGIA The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog TIMES...

How to Customize the Search Widget in Divi

Ever noticed that my search bar is orange?  It’s totally a rookie hack and super simple, but it’s things like that which, to me, make a huge difference in good design and great design.

Now, that does not mean if you do not style your search bar (or countless other similar changes) your site design is merely good, I’m just saying that taking the extra effort to style something very default (grey and blah) takes rookie level css, but has expert level design consideration.

A Review of Divi Cloud (by Divi United)

Gratuitous Backstory One of the things I love about Divi is the rich eco-system that surrounds it in the form of seemingly endless third party divi providers.  Just the fact that so many Divi child themes and plugins exist speaks to the quality and relevance of the...

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