Jimmy:”We need a website…”
Johnny:“Brilliant! How do we do it?”
Jimmy: “Um…let’s google it…”
Johnny:“Step 1, buy a domain….”
Jimmy: “Do we have to spend money? Let’s use a free one…”
Johnny:“Does that mean our email will be @gmail?”
Jimmy:”Hmmmm…idk how that works…”
Johnny:”It already seems complicated…”
Johnny:”Let’s just watch cats on youtube instead…”

The difference between free and not-free does not have to be expensive.

Logan Ramirez

Hard Worker, Orange Pulley

Which Hosting Plan is Right for Me?


I outsource my I.T. operations to professionals in each industry so I can focus on running my business.


My site is critical. It definitely generates business for me and I expect people to use it. I contribute to it regularly.


My site is essential. I want people to use it and if it was down, it would impact my business to some degree. I update content occasionally.


I need a site. My business isn’t terribly affected if it’s down. The content doesn’t change.


...for static content sites.


...dynamic content, reliable media, backup a must.


100% Up to Date
  • Professional +
  • Continuous WordPress Updates
  • Continuous Plugin Updates
  • iThemes Security Pro

Don’t see an option that interests you? Contact us to discuss a customized option.

Normal vs Orange Pulley Pricing

A technical breakdown of hosting services if you wanted to do this yourself (Orange Pulley, LLC owns developer licensing for several of the products and, therefore, is able to extend the discounted prices)

VPS Server$360
Divi / Monarch / Bloom$89
WP Smush Pro$300
Backup Buddy$120
Offsite Cloud Backup$99
Base SEO Configuration$450
Continuous Updates$600
WordFence Security$39
Normal 1 Yr.Cost$449$869$1418$1,957
Normal Monthly Cost$37.42$72.42$118.17$163.08
Orange Pulley Pricing$9.99$19.99$34.99$69.99

Bottom line: protect your online presence with quality, affordable service package hosting provided by someone who understands how important ‘the whole body is’ – not just the face.

A la Carte Hosting

Below is an Ad Hoc Pricing Schedule

Line ItemOrange Pulley Pricing (/mo)Do-It-Yourself Pricing
Base Hosting on VPS Server$10$29.99
SEO Framework$10$24.50
Caching / Speed$2$39
Image Compression$5$24.50
Continuous Updates$35$70


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