Elegant Themes posted this excellent SEO article today that I have been telling all my peeps about for about a year (when I have been asked about SEO for their sites).

I wrote about it before here.

Key take aways:

Use SEO Optimized WordPress Themes & Plugins

Check.  I almost exclusively use Divi.

Setup Pretty Permalinks

Check.  Part of my base installation.

Producing “High Quality” Written Content

Check. I always recommend the need to write regularly.

Produce Unique and Shareable Content

I need to work on this personally and in advisement of clients…this article is really useful in this regard.

Use The Correct Heading Tags

New to me.  I use them, but didn’t realize it was so important!

Optimize Your Photos

Check.  This is widely discussed and if it’s not being done, shame on us all.

Use Links and Anchor Text Correctly


Using Keywords? Great! Keyword Stuffing? Uh, No.

I need to work more on intentionally using my keywords…but I prefer to just focus on writing.

As always, THANK YOU ELEGANT THEMES for writing meaningful content.